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Genius Mind
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Default Update 3.2.21037

The Update includes:

1. Preparations for Spring event which will start on 8th
2. Diminishing effect (a new change)

From now on whenever a character is affected by a controlling spell, it will initiate a "diminishing effect" that has 15 seconds timer. That means that if during this effect a 2nd controlling spell is hit the same player, the diminishing effect will reduce the spell duration by 50% (For example if a player silenced for 8 seconds, his control time will be diminished to 4 seconds if he is hit by another silence or deafen within 15 sec). The 2nd hit will appear at 2nd stack of diminishing effect.
(This is an arbitrary calculation; The purpose of this mechanics is to prevent a player from being silenced/disarmed/deafens for long period if attacked by many at the same time)

Controlling spells
- Deafens
- Silence
- Disarming
Including both spells and effects from armor/weapon.

Good Luck!
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