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Default Updates - Unity Player, Tournaments, and Class Updates (May 25, 2012)

Players the upcoming updates will include the following:

1. Unity version is as close as never before. Next week we will begin closed beta-testing, and when it's finished - we will enable it for all players. We will keep you informed about testing progress.

2. Along with Unity launch, Tournaments will come to the game
- Tournaments are cross-server team competition
- Tournament lasts for 1.5 months and tournaments will go one after another.
- Tournament is a competition for 5-player teams. It consists of 4 stages. When all characters of team die - team is excluded from competition. You'll have limited amount of resurrections on Tournament arena. Each stage winners will get valuable prizes.

3. After we finish Knights, we will fix next classes:
- Soldier
+ Attracting attention skill effect will last for 5 seconds
+ Defensive stand will add aggression points correctly
- Diamond protector
+ Perfect armor will be adding stamina per level instead of agility
+ Bodyguard skill will be changed. It will absorb certain amount of damage in some radius around the character.
+ Sandstorm cool down will be decreased to 20 seconds
- Berserk.
+ Damage of Fan of Blades and Double strike skills will be increased
+ Battle pair (passive skill) will have new effect.

4. Wizards and Herbalists
- Wrath of Heavens skill - damage will be increased and will also interrupt casting of spells
- Amount of health healed will be reviewed.
Later we will perform a more intensive redesigning of Herbalist class.

Good Luck!
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