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Default Cross Server Turnier

Liebe Spieler

Vom 22. - 24.10.2021 findet ein Cross-Server Turnier für high Level statt!
(engl. Version only)

“Golden Druzhina”

The tournament will be held with European servers!

1. Level groups
99 levels – 22th October 21:00
105 levels – 23th October 18:00
105 levels and 105 level dragon – 24th October 18:00
(Moscow -time)

The tournament will take place with a minimum of 8 players for each level group.
If the minimum number of people for a tier group is not recruited,
the tournament will be postponed,
registration will be extended until the required number of participants is recruited.

2. Rules for the tournament

Character and pet potions, character consumables, pets, quick revivals, pet healing concentrates,
health and mana restoring vials and arena potions are allowed, excluding exceptions.
It is forbidden to use Immortality in all types of combat.


- Mana Vials are forbidden for all
- Damage-dealer (hereafter DD*) characters are banned from using
health replenishing vials and health restoring arena potions against wizards and herbalists.
- wizards and herbalists are banned from using any mana replenishing arena potions.
- Nightmares are forbidden.
(*DD classes - fighter, sorcerer and hunter)

3. Requirements for the fight

The default setting is 1 on 1.
However, if the tournament grid has a protector against a protector,
a protector against a healer, or a healer against a healer,
the match will turn into a 2 on 2 match,
with the support class taking the DD class as an ally to help them.

An ally may be absolutely anyone:
Your friend of your choice (even if he does not participate in the tournament),
as well as anyone else from the other participants of the lvl group,
provided equal proportions
(declared additional participants must match each other in level of character and pet).

Furthermore, the use of any resurrection is prohibited in 2 on 2 battles.
Violation of these rules will result in exclusion from the tournament.

Opponents will be determined on the day of the tournament.
Location is the FORGOTTEN GROWTH.

The player will be called into the arena by a ticker!
It is forbidden to attack spectators and participants at the tournament.
The fight between the announced opponents will begin only
after the command in the form of a running line.

4. Signing up

Signing up for the tournament via form with the following information:
1. nick, level, class, server

Link on form:


Signing up closes on October 21rd at 23:59

5. Prizes

PRIZES FOR 99 levels:
1st place: character upgrade from level 99 to level 105
2nd place: 50% discount on a level upgrade and 300,000 Emeralds.
3rd place: 300,000 Emeralds.

PRIZES FOR 105 levels:
1st place: Upgrade dragon from level 99 to 105
2nd place: 50% discount on a dragon level upgrade and 300,000 Emeralds.
3rd place: 300,000 Emeralds.

1st place - 40 sign of military glory and 500,000 emeralds.
2nd place - 20 sign of military glory and 400,000 emeralds.
3rd place – 10 sign of Military Glory and 300,000 emeralds.

Also, each participant of the tournament will receive a small prize, regardless of the place taken!

Viel Spaß im Game!
Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr - Änderungen vorbehalten!

~ Caltic ~
Country Community Manager for Germany
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