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Genius Mind
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Default 29th May Update - Global Int'l Cross server and bug fix

Tonight's update will include

Fix list:

- Fixed alliance chests, now they will be available at midnight again
- Fixed problems that caused people appear at wrong server during Idols
- Fixed several problems with walls on Castle-1 and 2 maps, also general bugs that allowed to go through walls
- Server flag will now be also displayed when you are on home server
- Also bug that caused gender change will be fixed.
- And an old one when you don't see avatars of people from other servers too

New Feature:

Launching new global international cross-server!
It's a copy of Thule maps, but both mail.ru and EU servers have access to it. (Two modes: Free & Fraction)
Location is available all the time. Fragotown entrance coordinates:
levels 60-70 - 25 123
levels 71-80 - 37 120
levels 81-92 - 39 112
You will meet your old friends Thule inquisition there as well and they also give experience.

Also this map will feature special BOSSES.
They are copies of CW bosses (world evil). Spawn days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Location - random. Time - 19:30 server time.
Loot -
* 2nd generation jewels for pets and characters
* Crimson gems
* Orange ammunition chests
* Full experience level 55 potions for pets and characters

Fragoria Team

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