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Gaten XD
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Post Are there more servers apart from those in Spain?

I haven't played for many years and now I decided to play it again, but I haven't met any player (I haven't been playing for more than a few hours) on youtube I've found recent videos where you can see active players but in Russian, so my question is if it could be played on other servers apart from those of Spain? And if so, how do I get other servers?

PD: if you want to play with me, I will be in the first zones of the game, in the spain-1 server and my name is "Gaten Xd" in the game
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no he podido inciar sesion en estos nuevos equipos con w 10 pero he buscado la forma, Garabato es mi pj, me conecto a las 10 pm mx por si algun dia nos topamos
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