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Default Update Ammunition (5th August'14 )


Added new Ammunition slot for Characters as well as ammunition chests in Shop. Ammunition increases effectiveness of battle skills and spells.

From Chests you will get :

-Set of strenght ammunition
-Set of healing ammunition
-Set of life ammunition
-Set of draining ammunition
-Set of crashing ammunition
-Set of mana ammunition

There is a chance that additional bonus will be activated as well. To use put ammunition in corresponding slot ( under the weapon ) in character's form. Ammunition will be used with every attack and so you need to check how much left and add more when needed.

Adds a bonus to healing or attacking skill effect :

- Lowers target's healing power
- Adds life stealing bonus
- Burns out target's mana
- Increases character's weapon mastery
- Adds mana stealing bonus

Good luck !
Fragoria Team
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