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Default Jeweling System: How to Use Effectively

What are Jewels?

Before you begin reading, note that jeweling applies only for items level 60+. So plan accordingly when this guide should apply to you.

Jewels are a set of item upgrades that can be inserted into an item for additional parameters (str, agi, stam, intel, spirit). Only a maximum of 5 parameter stat jewels can be inserted per item (the 6th slot will serve a different function).

How to Acquire Drills/Jewels

Drills can be obtained from the following sources:
- One boss from the green cave (you have to find out which!)
- All bosses from yellow and red caves
- Probability to drop from copper chests

Super-Drills can be obtained from the main Shop.

Jewels can be obtained from promotional shops:
- Baron's Shop
- Duke's Shop
- King's Tab

How to Insert Jewels

First, the item must be level 60+ to be drilled, and you must have either a Drill or a Super-drill, along with the jewel(s) of your choice. If you're not sure if an item can be drilled, see if it has the 6 jeweling slots as depicted on the example item to the right.

Step 1) Use the drill to open a slot.
Step 2) Then use the "Jeweling" tab in the Item Upgrade page to insert or replace jewels.

In order to obtain slots, the items must have the following updates:
+7 - 1 slot
+8 - 2 slots
+9 - 3 slots
+10 - 4 slots
+11 - 5 slots
+12 - 6 slots

Note: Weapons and Shields cannot be jeweled.
Cost of Using Jewels

To illustrate the potential costs, we'll discuss an example scenario. However, keep in mind 7th Generation Jewels are the most expensive.

Given facts:
- 1x 7th Generation Jewel = 218,700 Emeralds
- You can insert up to 5 parameter jewels in 1 item
- There are 15 items total that can be jeweled
- Weapons and Shields cannot be jeweled.

Cost Calculations
( 218,700 Emeralds x 5 ) x 15 = 16,402,500 Emeralds

If you purchase during Mysteryday with 200% Ems Bonus, you can divide the total by 3...which gives 5,467,500 Emeralds

When to Use Jewels to Maximize Results

Now, lets discuss how best to use your ems wisely in order to get the best results with jewels and item upgrades together.

Given facts:
- Having all 7th Gen Jewels will give 6120 stat points.
- 6th Gen Jewels give half the stats of 7th Gen Jewels (3060 stat points total).
- 6th Gen Jewels (72,900 ems each) cost 3x less than 7th Gen Jewels (218,700 ems each)

As an example, lets say you have +9 Upgrades on all gears, which means 3 jewel slots per applicable item. If you obtain 7th Gen Jewels for all slots, the result is approximately 3600 stat points, at a cost of 7,500,000 emeralds.

Alternatively, 7.5 million emeralds is also roughly the cost of upgrading 3 x items to +12, which gives only 1200 stat points. This means that both processes cost the same, but the first gives 3x as much stat points.

- Conclusion -

Therefore, given the facts listed on this guide, there is a way to balance the use of 7th Gen Jewels, 6th Gen Jewels, and item upgrades to achieve maximum stat points.

Good Luck!
-EN Team
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