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Default Leveling 71+


|| - - INTRO

First of all, you should not be looking at this guide unless you are close to level 70.

So you've been playing for a couple months, and you've reached level 70. Where to go from here? Many players choose to stay at level 70 for several reasons - to stay at the level range where minigames occur most often, to take advantage of lvl 70 NG cave, or they simply are unsure of how to level without incurring huge ems costs.


The most obvious reason to level is to excel in PvP and gain an upper hand against other lower players. One obvious advantage would be the higher leveled gears. Another advantage is the increase in critical damage probability against lower levels. Alternatively, increasing your level will also prevent higher levels from gaining that boost in critical damage when attacking you!


Unfortunately, after your character and/or pet reaches level 70, you will no longer receive exp from kills nor from subscription minigames. To level 71+, you require emeralds and experience potions. Green unfilled Bottle for experience storage holds 34 640 exp (lvl 55), and costs 2 500 ems per bottle. Furthermore, it can be posted in auction for a minimum price of 1 000 and is subject to 4th Trade Union taxes (Green item)

Lets explore the following methods:

Leveling Method 1
1) Use a level 70 (or higher) character to collect golden signs.
2) Purchase empty lvl 55 green exp bottles via wallet (75 golden signs per bottle).
3) Transfer empty bottle to lvl 55-69 character and fill the bottle.
4) Transfer filled bottle back to level 70 (or higher) character.
NOTES: You will require high 4th Trade Union reputation for lowered taxes on both characters. Although this is the most ems-efficient method, this method is also the most time consuming.

Leveling Method 2
1) Keep your character's level at 69 (or lower) to continue gaining exp.
2) Play minigames to collect exp and golden signs to purchase/fill lvl 55 exp bottles.
3) Amass the required amount and store the potions in bank for later use.
NOTES: Keep in mind only 5 bottles can be stacked. Therefore 91 bottles means 19 inventory/bank slots (each bank page only has 24 slots maximum).

Leveling Method 3
1) Develop a secondary character lvl 55-69
2) Play minigames to collect exp and golden signs to purchase/fill lvl 55 exp bottles.
3) Transfer the bottles to a main character.
NOTES: You will require high 4th Trade Union reputation for lowered tax on the lvl 55-59 character. Furthermore, you cannot use this method indefinitely - because of the high exp gain, you will eventually have to revert to method 2.

Leveling method 4
1) Purchase purple experience potion or green experience potions from other players/system via auction/global chat/SHOP sales.
NOTE: The most expensive, but quickest way to level.


How to save emeralds while leveling:
a) Idols of Perun give a boost in exp when using potions.
b) The 10% exp buff from the Gold Plan gives a boost in potion exp.

i) Experience modifier potions (+50%,+100%,+200% exp potions) DO NOT give a boost.

Therefore, purchase the gold plan when the server has acquired the Perun idol(s) and drink your stored exp bottles during this time to maximize exp gained per ems used.

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