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Originally Posted by EkNa View Post
Players! The recent update featured the following changes: New jewels are introduced in the game occasionally with the last restart. They are available at Master of Fortune. Jewels allow to reforge items 30-60 into orange items. 2 types of jewels are available. One of them costs 1 lucky ticket and allows to reforge an item, but it's upgrade level will go down by 1 (f.e. +12 item will become +11). Another jewel will cost a lucky ticket + orange badges, but you will not lose upgrade level. Currently these items don't have translations, but that will be fixed. -EN Team
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Mọi người có biết là có một loại máy khử được độc tố trong rượu không ạ?

Xem thêm thông tin về máy này: gipwin.com

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