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Default Level-Reducing, Dragon Stats, Knights Books, 71-79 Dungeon


An update scheduled near Jan 28 will include the following changes:

1) Level reducing potions that will reduce character or pet level.
- Potion will decrease only one level, but you can take as many as you wish.
-Items with higher levels will be moved to the bag, and if not enough space -
to the mail post.
- If a character has a skill that is not usable, the skill will be lost, and the
book will be moved to the bag.
- If a character has a pet with equal level, he will receive a warning.
- Each potion cost 100k emeralds!

2) Fix for Two-Headed Dragon Stats
- New character level restriction - only characters level 60 and above will be able to
use this pet.

3) New books for Knights class
- There will be new levels of main skills (ei. Windmill) that are in the beginning levels.

4) Prison of Ancient Gods dungeon
- There will be a new cave specifically for characters level 71-79
- The original Prison dungeon will remain for lvls 80+.

5) Bug fixes
- Fix for 5th set bonus of wizard-warrior glory items
- Add "Parry of Arrows" book (protector skill)
- Fix for craft rankings
- Fix for Pet Resistance Jewels + Pet Resistance Books\
- Added missing protector book for lvl 65 (was previously missing).

Resistance pet books yielded incorrect formulas. For example, a "Resistance to Fire
Magic" that said "+80" incorrectly became 20% fire damage absorption. The system ten
proceeded to take the highest value, whether it came from skill or jewel, and only jewel
effects in the pet parameters. Update will change effect of pet skill to "absorption"
(instead of resistance). Fire resistance books will now give 8% to fire damage
absorption and "Resistance to All Magic" books will give 3% to each damage absorption.
Therefore, these effects will now stack properly with jewels.

6) Prize Distribution
- HW prizes distributed today
- Emerald Heat prizes distributed tomorrow

7) Snowballs will be removed
- Make sure you use all your snowballs!

-En Team

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