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Default Berserk Books, Crushing Blow, New Pet Items Update


I. Berserkers get new 70+ level books

II. Crushing Blow chance increased for 70+ characters. Also, Accurate shot
can now inflict Crushing Blow.

III. Fixed some errors

IV. Added first Obsidian item to game - pet helm. Obsidian items can be only
used by Black and Two-headed dragons level 60+. All 6 pet items will become
available later on. Every Obsidian item has 4 bonuses activating with certain
level of item upgrade. First 3 bonuses change or improve characteristics of
pet, while 4th bonus influences owner depending on his class. Bonus 1 is
available with upgrade +10, 2nd - +11, 3rd and 4th - +12.
Also Obsidian items have a set-bonus that depends on number of items and
upgrade level. First set-bonus activates with 4 items +10, second - 4 items
+11, third - 4 items +12 and the last one - 6 items +12.
Helmet can be obtained from Serpentary warden for black or flame crystals.
Helmet stats:
- Bonus 1: Critical hit chance +5%
- Bonus 2: Reduces damage done by characters by 4%
- Bonus 3: Reduces enemy’s critical hit chance by 5%
- Bonus 4: For protectors and Knights – increasing stamina; For spell weavers
additional 2% to regeneration speed; For Healers - increasing intelligence;
Bersekers and Hunters - increasing amount of healing received.
+ Set-bonus 1: Increasing movement speed by 10%.
+ Set bonus 2: Increasing attack range by 1 cell.
+ Set bonus 3: When attacked dragon summons 2 burning skulls, each attacks
enemy, damage = 15% from dragon’s damage

Possible Upcoming Items in Future Updates:
New item «Bomb against healers» in shop. Will be sold in stacks, 1 stack = 5
bombs = 50000 emeralds. Each bomb reduces healing by 10%, can sum up to
5 times. Effect lasts for 5 seconds. You can use up to 5 bombs on 1 target,
then it will become immune to bomb’s effect for 1 minute.

-EN Team
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