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Genius Mind
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Default Future plans on Arena


The following plans regarding the Arena field and fights will go live next week:

- Changed Arena team size, now it's 5x5
- Changed opponent search algorithm to match teams better
- Fixed Arena points formula, now you will get at least 100 points for a battle even when you loose with no negative amount
- Fixed evacuation points for Arena, now you will get out of battle in different points so it doesn't get laggy
- Now if you enter Arena from the dungeon - you will get back to the entrance of dungeon, not same point
- Added protection against "undressing", now your gearscore is listed last in searching algorithm so it doesn't matter what value you have at the moment of looking for Arena fight
- Now you can't go to Arena from mini-games
- Fixed ice wall on Arena (the one between the rounds)
- Now you can't go to Arena if you are dead
- Added progression time for Arena teleport (it will take 10 seconds now)
- Pets will also get fully healed between rounds now

Good luck!
Fragoria Team

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