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Default Weekend Arena Event and Update!


There will be an Arena event this weekend where 5 players that earn the most Arena points (not rating) will receive the following prizes:
1st place - 500,000 emeralds
2nd place - 300,000 emeralds
3rd place - 100,000 emeralds
4th place - 50,000 emeralds
5th place - 50,000 emeralds
Current arena points will be published in Google docs today and changes will be updated regularly during the event.

Also, top prizes will come soon to the Arena, but the date is not certain yet. More information will be published later.

2 Collections of New Gems

When you apply corresponding gem to an item, the item receives additional set bonus. The more items you make with this bonus - the better the set bonus becomes.

2 Sets - Wind Dust and Fire Dust. First 3 pieces give similar bonuses:
- 1 piece + 7% to character's max HP
- 2 pieces +7% to character's max Mana
- 3 pieces +10% to movement speed
The other 5 pieces actually give you new skills depending on which set you use:
Wind Dust skill - increases character's movement speed and damage for limited amount of time.
Fire Dust skill - damages enemies around and stuns them. Damage depends on character's GS.
And here are costs in Arena points for the prizes:
Set gem (belt) - 50,000
Set gem (cape) - 100,000
Set gem (armor) - 150,000
Set gem (boots) - 250,000
Set gem (pants) - 400,000
Set gem (helmet) - 600,000
Set gem (pauldrons) - 1,000,000

Also, we introduce a new item that increases random stat of current pet by 2 with some probability. Pet stat increasing gems:
- small (20% chance) - 100,000
- average (30% chance) - 200,000
- large (45% chance) - 300,000

New Dragon Mount

Finally, there will be a special Dragon mount with special bonuses, which will cost 1,000,000 arena points.

Some prizes will also require emeralds in addition to arena points.

Good Luck!

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Event Winners are

Yatia POL5
Naughty RU1
Князь RU1
*kraken* POL5
<< Vas9 >> MAILRU1

Fragoria Team

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