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Default Update: Dragon Jewelry & Roulette!


Today's update will feature the following changes:

I. Two-Headed Dragon Jewelry
Another slot will be available, that is intended to improve the pet. Use a Warrior Potion to open the slot.
II. New Roulette
Every day, you can turn the Roulette once for free. Each subsequent turn will cost 500 emeralds. Each color of the Roulette corresponds to a different set of prizes. There is a higher chance for the Roulette to land on Green, and fewer chances for Light Blue. Each use of the Roulette will increase the chances that Light Blue is won.

Green: Ticket of Fortune
Red: 5x Upgrading Gem, 3x Purple Chance Gem, 7x Black Dragon Scales
Blue: 6x Crimson Chance Gem, 70x Scythian Gold, Two-Headed Dragon Scale
Purple: 10x Arena Points
Light Blue: Indrik Mount

Note: The Indriks can be sold via auction, with a minimum auction price of 1 million emeralds.

A new NPC will appear in Fragoville and Fragotown named Master of Luck, which will exchange various items for your Fortune Coupons that include Golden Jewels, sets of weapons, blue goats, and other expensive items.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

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