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Default Summer's End Update - Personal Estates

Greetings Fragorians !!!

Summer is coming to it's end - and that means we need to define our plans for the New Year, because, as you know, we always try to introduce something interesting around this time.
And this coming Year, we will bring something really awesome - personal estates. That's right, we will give you an opportunity to build and improve your own homes in Fragoria.
We will deliver more information about this update on a regular basis as we develop it.

But you can ask - what's the big deal?

Why announce it now as we have like 3 months until it comes live?

Well, we have decided not to wait for it and give you a chance to start collecting materials for a home sweet home right now, because - why not?

So next week we will have an update that will bring new super-cross versions of all hard dungeons.

The differences will be:

1. Locations are super-cross
2. They have no resources
3. Every boss in addition to regular drop will give a building material for a home.
Bosses will appear according to a schedule that will be introduced on the day of update, meanwhile - get ready for it!

Fragoria US Team
Stay with us !

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