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Default How to Get Your First Pet


Find Counselor Hitropuz
Quest Giver: Petrovich (-82, -47)
Quest Target: Counselor Khitropuz (-108, -90)
Walk to the north and west to reach the Councilor. Completing this quest opens two quests from Counselor Khitropuz. To complete the Pet Quest chain however, you only need to do one of them.

Get the Harvest
Quest Giver: Counselor Khitropuz (-108, -90)
Quest Objective: Gather 6 Sheafs of Rye (down and to the left, in the fields
Quest Target: Miller Mukoedov (-111, -52)
The miller turns the rye into flour for Kolosiha, hence the next quest.

Take Flour to Kolosiha
Quest Giver: Miller Mukoedov (-111, -52)
Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)
After turning in the flour quest, that quest chain is ended. To continue, next go slightly north-east to Zabava Veselovna (the lady surrounded by pets).

Find the Magic Cocoon
Quest Giver: Zabava Veselovna (-127, -93)
Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)
Yes Kolosiha has it, but she wants a favor first! That's not really a surprise, is it?

Bring Some Charcoal

Quest Giver: Kolosiha (-145, -61)
Quest Objective: Gather 5 pieces of coal (from the various roosters nearby)
Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Lost Roly-Poly
Quest Giver: Kolosiha (-145, -61)
Quest Target: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)
Roly-Poly is further away, to the south-west. Easiest way is to just open your map (M) and click on his quest indicator icon once you've taken the quest.

Help Roly-Poly Get Out
Quest Giver: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)
Quest Objective: Kill the following:
3 Bony Undead
4 Sad Rotten
Nasty Rotten
Quest Target: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)

Return to Kolosiha
Quest Giver: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)
Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)
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