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Lightbulb Update: Neue PvP Arena


In the next weeks you will see a series of extremely important updates that will be installed in several stages. The first stage will be described in the following text.

I. A new type of PvP competition - Arena.

Any level character can participate, but do not confuse this with the Arena in Fragotown. This game is different, and can be accessed by clicking an "Arena" button at the right side of the Quick Access toolbar to register. The game will take place along a specified schedule:
Monday from 20:00 to 24:00
Wednesday from 20:00 to 24:00
Saturday from 14:00 to 24:00
Sunday from 12:00 to 19:30

To sign up for this new competition, you can be in any cross-server location. If your character is not in a cross-server location when you click the Arena button, you will receive an confirmation message to transport your character to a cross-server location. Once you click accept, your character will appear in a peaceful location, and you will be presented with a sign-up form (which details information about rating ranges, and other things mentioned below) that has two buttons: Subscribe and Unsubscribe. There will also be a timer from the beginning of subscription. If you are already in a cross-server location, the form will appear automatically. You can subscribe alone or as a group, and the following group rule swill apply:
a. If your character is not in a group, it is signed as a single player.
b. If your character is in group, but is not the leader, it is signed as a single player.
c. If your character is leader of a 4-player party, the entire group is subscribed.
d. If your character is leader of a group greater than 4, subscription will not be possible.

Once you have subscribed, the team will be selected and formed (if you joined as single player). Once teams are formed, your group will be transferred into the game.
Game locations are selected at random from 3 possibilities, but will have common features:
a. Two areas for teams: red + blue. Team color is determined randomly before the game. Zones will be isolated or open depending on game phase.
b. Common center field between two areas. The path can be organized in different ways, and contain impassible obstacles.

During the first phase, teams are in isolated areas. After 60 secs have passed, players can use buffs and poitions. Then the area will open and the main playing field made available. The active phase lasts 3 minutes. Victory is determined by score when all players of one team are eliminated, or if the timer runs out, at which total health of team members determines the winning side. Once the active phase has ended, teams are transferred back to the isolated areas and exits are closed. HP and Mana are fully recovered, and there is a 30 second break. The second active phase has the same rules as the first. If the same team wins, the game ends and declares that team the winners. If not, the active phase is repeated a third and final time.

After the game has ended, each participant's efficiency is calculated and ratings/rankings are displayed. Basic rating of each character is 24 and 0 stars. If the player wins, the player gains 1 star. After earning 3 stars, the player is promoted. If the player loses, a star is lost. Maximum level of rating is 1. There are restrictions for level rating depending on character level, for example, player lvl 40 wont receive rating level higher than 17. In this case player needs to increase level character.

Ranking points are calculated based on a formula that depends on character level. There is a base number of points, and points are gained or lost depending on the outcome of battle, along with differences between the teams. If a player cannot improve their ranking, than player ceases to receive points.
Certain rating levels provide access to purchase special rewards, and ranking points, along with emeralds, will serve as currency.

The rating level will be displayed on the "Arena" button.

Note: The initial launch of this arena will have an incomplete list of possible rewards, which you will discover later. However, it will be a unique list.

II. You will initially see the familiar game interface.

However, it will be revised and new additions will be added.
1. Bottom small cells will be replaced with 5 large cells (like for new characters), and there will be less space between the cells. The left panel will be switched vertically. And the total number of switched panels will be 5. The right button will be an arrow that reveals the 5 panels when clicked.
2. Task buttons will be moved under the map, next to the quest tracker.
3. Alliance button will be removed, and moved to the society screen.
4. Map button will be deleted, but there will still be the small button next to the minimap.
5. Settings button will be moved above the character avatar.
6. Item upgrade button will be removed, and appear in two places: the bag screen and the character attributes screen, under the gearscore.
7. Achievement button will be moved to the right panel.
8. A function to copy system and battle log will be added.

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