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Default Update 3.7

- A system of tips was added to game. You will see a short info for mobs, characters and objects where you mouse
is over it.
- New upgrade for is released. It's not only more convenient, it also has new chance stones that allow to get
100% upgrade chance in each level of upgrade.
- Famous traders now sell temporary items with limited lifetime. Item's lifetime is written in its info.
- Added a Gear Score system. It shows the characteristics sum of all items that character is wearing. It is shown
in character info and in it's tip.
- All ranges classes can now use skills with 0 cast time while running.
- Stuffs (weapon of magic classes) are now ranges weapon.
- Fixed bug that caused resource drop at character logging off.
- Party limit is now 15 characters.
- Minor bugs fixed, i.e some skills bugs.
- Items are now binded to character when upgraded.

Changed attack and targeting system:

From now on you can perform all actions you need with a single mouse click.
Left-click on an object at location targets it and:
1. If you target a mob and have weapon, character will automatically approach it to the attack distance. If
there is no weapon on or if it's broken - you will not move.
2. If you target another character, you actions depend on his hostility status. If this character is an enemy -
you will perform according to 1.
3. If you target and NPC, a chest, a resource - anything that's not a monster or a character - you will walk to
this object and a corresponding action (dialog with NPC, crafting and so on) will turn on.

If you click on an item in your bag and another window (bank, upgrade) are open - item will be put into slot in
that window. If no windows are open - item will be put on your character.
If you click on an elixir - it will be put into first free slot on lower panel. If there is no free space on lower
panel - you will receive a warning if you want to use the elixir.
Double-click works same to single click. If you choose a target with TAB - you will not run to it. Combination
ctrl+click also allows to choose a target without moving. If you put your mouse over a target without clicking on
it - you can use all your skills (by pressing corresponding key) and it will be used on a target under your mouse.

Attack modes change:
1. Auto-attack can't be turned off.
2. Peaceful mode changed: character can't attack targets that can't attack him, but can attack hostile targets.
3. When you switch location - your mode is switched to peaceful. Mode change button will be disabled when you
are on location, where attack is unavailable (PvE, towns) and enabled on locations where attack is possible (PvP,

You will be notified about mob, character aggressiveness and character status by colored circles under characters
and mobs. Circle's color depends on following rules:
1. Aggressive mob has red circle, passive - yellow.
2. If a player can attack you - his circle will be red, if he can't attack you - circle will be green.
3. Pet's circle color is same to it's owner's circle.
4. Mount's circle color also depends on owner's circle.
5. Your guild members are defined by purple circle inside basic circle.
6. Members of your party are defined by blue circles inside basic circles. If your guild members are in your
party - blue circles will be inside purple circles.
If a target is out of range of all your skills - it's circle will be transparent.

Your mode defines the way other players will see you:
1. In a free mode you can attack any player and your circle will be red.
2. In a peaceful mode you will have a green circle:
for all characters in peaceful mode
for all characters in your group with peaceful, guild (if a character is in the same guild), party or "against
evil" (if you are a PK).
For all members of your guild who are in guild mode.
For all characters in "against evil" mode when you have 0 PK points.
3. In team mode you can attack all players except players in your party. You will have a green circle for all
party members and red for all other.
4. In guild mode you can attack all characters excepts ones in your guild. You will have green cicrle for all
your guild members and red for everyone else.
5. If you are in "against evil" mode you will be able to attack only players with PK point more then 0. So you
have a green circle for all PK free players and red one for everyone else.

With mouse over a character (or any other object on the screen) a short description will appear:
For monsters:
Name and type of monsters
Amount of health
Amount of mana
For characters:
Character name
PK level
Amount of health
Amount of mana
Gear score
For NPC:
NPC name
NPC role

Additional options are available on mouse right-click.
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