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Default Post Crafting issues 27.12.2010

Fragoria Players

Here is some information about the new update:

1. NPC with old resources is present the Craftmen House (Stone house), fragotown.

2. Old Horse quest system is removed from the game. Voivode of Golden Brigade is a BUG and don't exist. (the quests are removed from quest list)
Now to get permanent horse, you need to fulfill requirement of the achievement system under Horse tab.

3. New Crafting system
Now we have total 8 professions (4 old prof.+ 4 new prof)

Players can take as many profession as they like
old profession taken by the player will remain

1st profession will cost 10 gold
2nd profession will cost 30gold
3rd profession will cost 2k emeralds
4th profession will cost 5k emeralds
5th profession will cost 100k emeralds

You can cancel any unwanted profession by clicking on the X symbol next to the profession (may require 1k emeralds)

To upgrade the profession skill to next lvl, i.e. from trainee --> apprentice...etc...once you reached the full points...Click on the word at the lower end the skill page and it will show the skills available for you

In case of new crafting skill, to increase their lvls or training points:
You will get daily quests from the respective NPC (currently there is a bug in it)

There is no specific tools for Recipe holders crafting professions, only recipes..and their ingredients are from resources of any old professions

Green resources are present in all surface map
Blue resources are present in all green caves and on maps: Sea Forest and higher
Gold resources are present in all red caves
Purple resources are present in carawan way (Currently there is a bug in appearance..working on fixing it) and respawn every 2 hours at random places

No gems should require in making any recipes It seems most recipes are bugged as they needs gems
There are missing resources names or lvl ..... (working on fixing)

4. Rabbit pets
Can open slots
Can undergo upgrading with low lvl rabbit mighties only ..So you can make an many chars as you want to get rabbit mighties and upgrade your main chat's rabbit GR and have the best battle rabbit ever

Trading in carawan way is not working at the moment,, (programmers are working to fix it)

6. Very soon the pastures in both fragoville and fragotown will be closed permanently!

This post will be updated when new information will be available..

Genius Mind
EN Fragoria Team
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