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Default Increasing Pet Level + Opening Pet Slots

The Beginning: Level 1-10

Congratulations, you finished the pet chain! Now to raise it. Your first step is to collect Experience Potions of Baby Pet to increase your pet's Experience. Potions are the ONLY way to level your pet until it hits level 11 (then your pet gains experience only by fighting).

All the while that you are collecting pet experience potions, you will have to feed your pet with Pet Food to keep it from falling asleep.


[ 1st Method ] (Easiest Method): Collect Wallet Signs from "Nuts" Minigame

Play subscription minigames and trade any colored wallet signs for pet food/pet exp. To play, click the checkbox icon on the bottom right, then click "Nuts" under the PvP Games tab, and click join.

Note: Once joined, the checkmark icon should be surrounded by 4 swirling lights.

After you've received signs, click My Wallet on the top of the screen, click "Sign of Varangian", and then click "Use". This will open the sign shop menu so you can see prices and available items. Finally, click the last button on the next popup screen (titled "Gems") to view pet potions. See image below.

* Dragon pets require 5000 experience a level, no joke. They are the rarest Pet from the Magic Cocoon and will produce a Server Wide message when someone gets one. It takes around 2200 potions. This is no small feat, but don't be discouraged, Dragons are always a nice addition to your side in a fight.

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