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Genius Mind
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Default Emerald Heat's

Dear players!

We are launching a special event on Fragoria - it will run from 21st to 29th of July. We are giving away a pack of great prizes!

Every player who purchases 23000 of more during this time will take part in a lottery. That's how it works:

With every 23000 emeralds you purchase (no matter how) you receive a "ticket". And on special days we will run a random script to distribute some sweet prizes - here they are:

1. 24.07 - 10 prizes 40 000 emeralds each!
2. 26.07 - 10 more prizes 40000 emeralds each!
3. 29.07 the finals, where you can win 1 prize of 1 000 000 emeralds, 3 prizes of 300 000 emeralds and 30 prizes of 40 000!

Some more explanations:
If you purchase 46000 emeralds during the first stage (21.07-23.07) you have 2 tickets, each of which takes part in lottery for 10x40000 emeralds prizes. But if after that (during 24.07-25.07) you purchase another 46000 emeralds you get 2 more tickets, and now you participate in lottery with all 4 tickets! And so on. So the more tickets you have - the better are your chances to win!

Good luck!
Fragoria Team

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