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Genius Mind
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Default Update 26th March'15 Additional PVE game, additional lvl 86 stats etc

Tonight's update will include the following:

I.The White Sun will become a regular PvE-game with following modifications:
- First level range - 21-30.
- All characters will get "In game" buff for 30 minutes (the one that doesn't let you join the game again while active).
- No experience in this game.
- Chests will have different reward from regular games. Free chest will contain 40 signs of Hero (golden badges), and a chance to get 50 Signs of Commander (purple badges), Life potion essence, Lifespring pet food and some other valuable items.

II. Starting with level 86 characters will get more additional stats than now. Exact values will be announce tomorrow.

III. Reduced number of players required for Nuts (hard). For the fast start it will require 10 characters, minimum - 6.

IV. Reduced some prices in shop including Veles potion

V. Fixed some bugs
1. Time for PvE-games and Epic games will affect prizes again.
2. Fixed Herbalist items set-bonus for Concentration.
3. Fixed some problems at Arena.
4. And some minor problems.

Scheduled time 3 am the server will be down for about 30 mins

Fragoria Team

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