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Genius Mind
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Default Update 2nd Jan'15 Jewelary 80+

Update includes:

I. All jewelry items (meaning shirts, rings, amulets and averters) can now be reforged to epic (80+). That will require 15 level up gems.

II. Price of reforging items to Great level (70-79) is reduced, now it will require 6 level up gems.

III. Few changes about the wool.
a. Wool will now drop in chest according to same rules as resources.
b. Introducing 2 new items that increase wool drop: Scissors that increase received wool x2, and a Trimmer that increases collected wool by x5. Both items are used as an elixir and buff work for 1 hour.

IV. Also will increase effective limit of agility for archers to 23000 from current 20000

V. Fixed some bugs including client problems with Adobe Flash 16

Good luck!
Fragoria Team

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