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Default Spring event and Getting the Bear

Since the Spring Fest (quest and achievements) is a bit confusing, I will try to simplify the steps necessary and the preparation required.

The important steps for getting the Bear mount:
* Growing flowers and picking up.
* Applying 10 wrath to opposite gender in order to receive the Harness. (You can skip this part if you buy the harness directly with 50k emeralds)
Preferably apply the wrath before entering the Kikimora cave to get maximum benefits.
* Completing Kikimora spring dungeon with a group (Max. 5 members in a group).
- Make sure to have a good healer.
- Grouping has to be from same level range; 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 etc.
- Active wreath/circlet on each group member at the time of dungeon entry
Circlet: has a timer of 1 hour
Needs to be applied by the opposite gender (you cannot use your own created wreath on you)
Tip: use the Circlet just before entering the dungeon

How to make a circlet/Wreath

Wrath Recipe requires all the 7 flower varieties.

1 wreath = one from each of the 7 flowers.
10 wreathes= 70 flowers total.

1. Garden all the 7 types of the flowers (depends on many wreathes you want to craft).
- Plant the seeds
- Water them after two hours. Then every 2 hours for a total of 6 times (total 12 hours of watering in case you use usual watering pot or 2 hours if you are using the shop watering pot)..
(Note: there will be a 10 mins timer for water after which the plant will die if not watered.
- Pick up the flowers when ready within 5-10 mins or else the flowers will die. (they are treated as resources and will drop in pvp/pve kills as chests)
Tip - keep the flowers in back and craft the wreath when needed.

Kikimora Spring Dungeon:

1. Apply Wreath before Entering dungeon.
2. The dungeon instance has 30 mins timer.

Inside the Dungeon:
a. 1st Zone: Pick up the Cakes and give it to the Ghostly aggressive elites.
There are 10 Ghosts.
You may not see all 10 cakes ... In that case, a member or two need to go out for 3-5 mins and
re-enter again for any newly appeared cakes.

b. 2nd Zone:
Three headed dragon with its fiery spells guards one end of the bridge.
Do not take it lightly..the dragon (similar status of Red dungeon boss) have high stamina!
Tip: Let a good pet aggro on the dragon while the healer heal the pet and the pet owner from time to time
Once dead, it will drop Burning Coal

Ugly snowman guards the other end of the bridge
Aim: Try to fire up the fireplace near the snowman
Tip: Group members divert the snow man while the one with the coals lights up the fireplace
The snowman will start to melt once the fireplace is build up.
It will drop the pitchfork

c. Third Zone: Kikimora boss.. that needs to be killed by the pitchfork
It will drop Faded Sun
Only one member will receive the Faded Sun

d. Apply the Faded sun on the Spring fire party outside the dungeon .. Receive the Flamed Branch

Note DO NOT enter the Bear Lair if you don't have the harness/saddle. GET THE SADDLE 1st BY APPLYING 10 WREATH TO 10 OPPOSITE GENDER OR BUY IT FROM SHOP WITH 20K EMERALDS)

As you will read, you will notice that only one member of the group in Kikimora dungeon will receive the Faded Sun. Therefore, it requires multiple entry into the cave for all members to get the Faded Sun
You may need to to create several circlets for this.

Hope this information helps you

Further questions can be posted here

Genius Mind
Fragoria Team[/B]

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Genius Mind
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Flowers are treated as resources, so if you are killed by player or monster, they will drop as chests

Quoted by
I need 7 differend seeds 7*2 Gold = 14 Gold
then water them 6 times 7*2 Gold = 14 Gold * 6 = 84 Gold

this way 1 circlet will cost 98 Gold

10 recipes for 10 wreath = 10 golds

since there are 10 needed the saddle cost 990 Gold.
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