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Exclamation Update vom 12.10.2021

Liebe Spieler

Update der Klassen vom 12.10.2021 (engl. Version only)

These changes only apply to the orange book levels.
Changes applying to other levels and ranks will be mentioned additionally.

1. Diamant protector
Damage from the skill "Sandstorm" has been increased.
Orange steps of "Indestructible Wall" books can now be read with the last step of the blue book.
Improved skill "Indestructible Wall".
Charge time reduced to 25 seconds.
This skill increases armor and regenerates health when the skill gets triggered.
While this skill is active, the character’s mobility is severely reduced.
The charging time of the skill “Deaf Defence” has been reduced.
The charging and use time of the skill “Bodyguard” has been reduced.
The effect of the skill “ideal armor“ has been increased.

2. Warrior
The damage and multiplier effect of the skill “backlash” has been increased.
“Slowing“ skill charge time was decreased.
Improved the skill "lunge". This skill now has no cooldown time,
the effect stacks up to 3 times.
This skill decreases armor and chance to dodge attacks.

3. Soldier
The effects of the skill “Attracting Attention” can now be dispelled (at all book stages and ranks).
The action time, bleed damage and chance of triggering of the skill “Interception” have been increased.
Chance of triggering Dragon Rage stone on all generations has been increased.

4. Herbalist
The mana cost of using the skill “Recovery” has been increased.
The amount of extra healing received from the skill "Last Chance"
has been reduced (on the last stages of the purple books).
The amount of healing from the skill “Radiance of life” has been increased (on the purple book stages).
The duration of the skill “Numbness“ has been increased, and the reduction
of negative effects time has been reduced (on all book stages and rarities).

5. Other
Wedding ring: Charge time increased to 10 minutes.

Viel Spaß im Game!
Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr - Änderungen vorbehalten!

~ Caltic ~
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