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Default Bug Fix Update


There will be an update at 3:00 that will last 30 minutes (servers will be down), featuring the following changes:

- Fixed some Idol achievements
- Fixed some abilities damage (should help with damage that is not absorbed)
- Fixed some issues with Replace ability
-Fixed some game loading issues
- When you exchange items for purple signs, you will see upgrade level in warning window
- Fixed issues with parry chance display
- Items will be clickable in system chat again
- Fixed an error with items upgrade using Arena gems - now there will be no possibility to unbind them
- Fix for auction - now all items will always have a tax
- Fixed "Blue mirage" skill. Now it will correctly give mana for every attack
- Fixed Glory item bug. Previously, reforging from mirror to Glory item could bug with lower stats.
- Fixed pet binding

Good Luck,
EN Team
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