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Default Spring Event and New SHOP Items Update


Update this coming morning at 3:00 for 1 hour will feature the following changes:

I. Starting Spring event with following changes
1. You can grow flowers in Fragotown, Middle Lands, Southern Stronghold and Western Lands.
2. Extreme water pots added to the shop that allow to grow flowers in 5 seconds.
II. Some changes and new items in Shop:
1. New Character health potion pot restoring 40 000 HP. 25 sec cooldown. Price 3500 emeralds for 5 pieces.
2. Pet health elixir. Restores 40 000 HP and reduces pet resurrection time to 40 seconds. 24 seconds cooldown. Price 3500 emeralds for 5 pieces.
3. Lifespring pet food. Restores 60 satiety and adds a 20 minute buff that regenerates health at a rate of 1% per second. Price 5000 emeralds for 10 pieces.
4. Removed blue pet elixirs
5. Removed some obsolete items
6. Mighty dragon cocoon will be available in "For Pets" section at a price of 100 000 emeralds.
-EN Team

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